Health Insurance
Sehteq is one of the leading TPA's in the UAE market
with numerous successful InsurTech solutions.
Our continuous focus and efforts are aimed towards
achieving customer satisfaction beyond expectations
which has made us a preferred service provider of our
business associates. Sehteq TPA has a wide network of
more than 2200 providers within UAE.
Sehteq has unprecedented
intelligent processing
capabilities. Network service
providers will no longer have to
wait for approvals and pre-
authorizations. By accessing
Sehteq portal and submitting the
requested information on line,
service providers receive an
automated, intelligent approval
within minutes. For those who
prefer calling, Sehteq call center
agents will provide an answer in
the time it takes to capture the
relevant information. 
Claims and
Cost Management
Sehteq administration system, is
intelligent processing
empowered by thousands of
claim adjudication rules which
are used to process most of the
claims without the need for
manual assessment. With these
high degrees of automation,
Sehteq is not only in a position
to pay providers sooner , but
tightly manages benefit
utilization without compromising
on accuracy or consistency.
Network Providers
Service Providers can easily
access the system using on-line
web portals to determine a
patient's eligibility and specific
policy coverage. Sehteq has
provided every contracted
provider with an easy-to-use
manual, a quick reference guide
and training on how to interact
with Sehteq.Please use the below
link to know the list of clinics
and hospital are covered in our network.
Medications delivery
arrangements not only reduces
the cost of drugs, but increases
the probability of treatment
compliance particularly by
chronic patients. Sehteq offers
exclusive service to its customers
by delivering the drugs.To
get your medicines delivered
to you,Please Whatsapp us
"Delever Medicine" on our
watsapp number (+971-56 625 5000)
Disease Management
A fundamental philosophy
embedded in Sehteq's approach
to integrated disease
management. The Sehteq
program promotes patient
compliance to international
evidence-based treatment
protocols. Sehteq continually risk
rates the insured population
focusing skilled resources on the
health management of the
riskiest subset of patients.
Benefits are made available to
these patients based on their
disease clusters and their prior
utilization history. Sehteq
program promotes patient
patient with the goal of reducing
the disease events of the patient.
Overseas Assistance
Sehteq has partnered with
preferred assistance
management companies to
provide highest level of service
and cost effective solution fo
our partner insurers and clients.